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Here are several exquisite watercolor paintings available at the Naturalist Gallery that might be perfect for your collection.

Explore our curated selection of contemporary artists from around the globe.

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  1. Scattered Translucence
    Beth Shadur
    - "Scattered Translucence (Yellowstone NP)" captures the geothermal wonders of Yellowstone with a dreamlike layering of colors that echo the park's misty atmosphere​ (Naturalist Gallery of Contemporary Art)​.
  2. Rocks below God's Thumb
    Suze Woolf
    - "Rocks below God's Thumb" offers a vivid portrayal of the rugged Oregon coastlines, balancing the permanence of rocks with the ephemerality of water​ (Naturalist Gallery of Contemporary Art)​.
  3. Summer Storm
    Robert Wilson
    - "Summer Storm" depicts storm clouds over a serene landscape, masterfully capturing light and shadow through watercolor​ (Naturalist Gallery of Contemporary Art)​.
  4. Iridescent Iris
    Judy Heimlich
    - "Iridescent Iris" combines watercolor and ink to create a dynamic and delicate depiction of irises, evoking their shimmering quality​ (Naturalist Gallery of Contemporary Art)​.
  5. Her Majesty
    MaryJane Zander
    - "Her Majesty" portrays a grand tree with branches reaching skyward, using watercolor to enhance the tree’s bark and leaves with almost tangible realism​ (Naturalist Gallery of Contemporary Art)​.
  6. Diamond Mothership
    Emily Freiman
    - "Diamond Mothership" is an intriguing piece that likely blends abstract forms into its composition, making it a standout addition to any collection​ (Naturalist Gallery of Contemporary Art)​.
  7. Susan and Pete, on a Sunday Afternoon
    Alexandra Treadaway-Hoare
    - "Susan and Pete, on a Sunday Afternoon" depicts a gentle and inviting scene, capturing a moment of relaxation and intimacy​ (Naturalist Gallery of Contemporary Art)​.
  8. Camellias
    Lisa Marashian
    - "Camellias" focuses on the delicate beauty of camellia flowers, rendered on arches watercolor paper to highlight the fine details of this vibrant floral scene​ (Naturalist Gallery of Contemporary Art)​.

Each of these works showcases unique artistic techniques and subjects, offering a diverse range for collectors interested in the nuances of watercolor. These pieces are selected for their aesthetic appeal and their representation of natural and serene subjects, perfect for enhancing any art collection.

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