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Kitchen Art Collection

Here are some curated suggestions from the Naturalist Gallery that might be ideal for enhancing a kitchen environment.

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  1. Kitchen Guards
    "Kitchen Guards", 2022 by Roya Chadab combines eclectic elements to evoke a lively, protective ambiance amidst the culinary tools of a busy kitchen.

  2. Chaos in the Kitchen
    "Chaos in the Kitchen", 2019 by Roya Chadab
     portrays a frenetic scene where everyday kitchen activities spiral into a vividly chaotic tableau.

  3. Fruit Loops
    "Fruit Loops", 2023 by Mark Flake
    captures the playful and colorful essence of its namesake cereal, depicted with vibrant oil colors that pop against the canvas.

  4. The Goose is Cooked
    "The Goose is Cooked", 2023 by Jena Ataras
    offers a whimsical interpretation of the idiom, with its smaller canvas bringing an intimate focus to the dramatic moment.

  5. You're Gonna Turn Into One
    "You're Gonna Turn Into One", 2020 by Allyson Cook
    uses delicate colored pencil strokes to convey a cautionary tale, perhaps referencing a child's transformation into their favorite food through a charming and illustrative style.

These selections are chosen based on their potential to complement the aesthetic and functional aspects of kitchen environments, blending art with daily life.

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