Naturalist Gallery of Contemporary Art

Naturalist Gallery Artist Application

Naturalist Gallery Artist Application


The Naturalist Gallery of Contemporary Art features established and emerging artists. This application is open internationally to all artists 18 years and older. All visual art mediums (except video) are allowed.

If selected, represented artists gain access to all Naturalist Gallery opportunities for a $5 monthly curation fee. This includes but is not limited to:

- permanent archival of your artworks, listed for sale at the Naturalist Gallery

- expert curation of your artworks into solo exhibitions on the Features page

- an online residency on the Artists page which features your artist bio, artist statement, a chosen URL and instagram, and showcases your body of work

- opportunities for limited edition fine art print series created with your images by the Naturalist Gallery curation staff for 50% commission

- eligibility for your artwork to be included in the internationally received Naturalist Gallery of Contemporary Art Juried Exhibitions

- up-to-date representation: send up to 25 new artworks for review and curation every month

- potential inclusion in marketing materials, email newsletters, and press releases

- enhancement of your visibility among art enthusiasts and collectors


Naturalist Gallery works with net pricing which means artists determine how much they want to receive for an artwork, and the gallery collects what is above that amount at the time of sale.

Upon sale of a print or original the Naturalist Gallery will email a certificate of authenticity for you to print, hand sign and mail to the buyer's address.

You are responsible for shipping original artwork to the buyer's address. Please incorporate your cost of shipping in your pricing of a work.

Naturalist Gallery will source and ship limited edition prints to the buyer's address.

You will be paid via Paypal, Venmo, or a check in the mail.

All applications will be juried and reviewed.

By submitting below, I grant the Naturalist Gallery of Contemporary Art the non-exclusive right to use the images and information of the submitted artworks as needed for publication and sale. The artist maintains all copyrights of the images and artworks submitted.


Please submit the Artist Application Form below.

Additional information about your submission can be sent in an email to

Allow for up to 15 days for the selection process.  If selected, artists will be published within 30 days.  Applications for Naturalist Gallery Representation will be juried by at least two members of our curation staff.

Artists applying for gallery representation are asked to provide a one time submission fee of $30.

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