Art for Small Spaces

Art for Small Spaces

For art suitable for small spaces from the Naturalist Gallery, here are some thoughtful selections that can beautifully enhance compact environments.

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  1. I Told You I Am No Good
    "I Told You I Am No Good" by Bernadette Larimer
    (2023) - A compact ceramic piece measuring 10 x 4.5 inches, ideal for intimate spaces and offering a unique sculptural aesthetic.
  2. The Lady Does Protest
    "The Lady Does Protest" by Bernadette Larimer
    (2023) - Another small ceramic work, this one measures 7.5 x 10 inches, perfect for adding a subtle artistic touch without overwhelming a small room.
  3. Animal, Vegetable, Mineral: Glass
    "Animal, Vegetable, Mineral: Glass" by Michele Kirchner
    (2023) - A mixed media artwork sized at 18 x 16 inches, it offers a versatile dimension for various settings, including smaller wall spaces.
  4. Holdfast IV
    "Holdfast IV" by Michele Kirchner
    (2023) - Although slightly larger at 24 x 48 inches, its elongated horizontal format could serve as a striking focal point on a feature wall in a small room.
  5. Misoriented Garden Demon
    "Misoriented Garden Demon" by Richard P. Stevens
    (2023) - This digital photography piece measures 21 x 16 inches, blending contemporary visual art with compact dimensions suitable for small living or working areas.
  6. Palm Frond Demon
    "Palm Frond Demon" by Richard P. Stevens
    (2023) - At 12 x 18 inches, this is an excellent choice for those looking to incorporate modern photographic elements into tight spaces.

These artworks are particularly chosen for their ability to fit into smaller living or exhibition spaces without sacrificing visual impact or artistic expression. Each piece is designed to capture attention and enhance the aesthetic of a space, regardless of size.

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