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Sculptures for Garden Spaces

Here are some beautifully crafted sculptures from the Naturalist Gallery that would enhance any garden space.

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  1. Karen Coburn's Sculptures:

    • Awakening
      "Awakening": A lost wax cast bronze sculpture that visually represents a rise from stasis to awareness.
    • Unity
      "Unity": Combines cast bronze with natural stone, symbolizing the harmony between man-made and natural elements.
    • Continuum
      "Continuum": An elegant spiral in lost wax cast bronze, embodying the concept of ongoing evolution and the cyclical nature of life.
  2. Shohini Ghosh's Sculptures:

    • All Bull
      "All Bull": This lively bronze sculpture captures the playful energy of a Long Horn Bull, bringing vivacity to any outdoor setting.
    • Lifescape
      "Lifescape": A high relief fiberglass sculpture that interweaves abstract and lifelike forms, reflecting the interconnectedness of our existence.
    • Prowl
      "Prowl": Depicts a panther mid-step in bronze, capturing the essence of motion and the animal's agile nature.
  3. Matthew Schellenberg's Sculptures:

    • Her Beauty Gained Her Everything
      "Her Beauty Gained Her Everything": This mixed media piece explores the dual nature of beauty, using wood and steel to craft a narrative around beauty's impacts.
    • They Spoke Such Wonderful Words of Wisdom

      "They Spoke Such Wonderful Words of Wisdom": Features a harmonious interaction between natural wood figures and their metal supports, embodying wisdom through owls perched on a human figure.
    • Surely The Next One Would Satisfy And Set Him Free

      "Surely The Next One Would Satisfy And Set Him Free": Represents the human struggle for fulfillment, depicted through a figure weighed down by chains.
  4. Dee Clements' Sculptures:
    • Flowing Like Water Through The Rocks
      "Flowing Like Water Through The Rocks" by Dee Clements captivates with its smooth, undulating forms that suggest the gentle, persistent force of water shaping stone.
    • Longevity
      "Longevity" exudes a serene grace, embodying the quiet strength and enduring nature of ancient trees.
    • Farmer's Wife
      "Farmer's Wife" reflects the dignified simplicity and steadfastness of rural life, rendered with a palpable sense of respect and authenticity.

    These sculptures, crafted from a variety of materials like bronze, fiberglass, wood, and steel, not only serve as stunning visual elements but also incorporate themes of nature, motion, and human experience, making them perfect for enhancing the aesthetic and philosophical depth of garden spaces.

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