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Modern Sculptures For Sale

Contemporary sculptures are currently available for sale at the Naturalist Gallery.

Explore our curated selection of contemporary artists from around the globe.

Naturalist Gallery offers artist representation internationally. Apply your art.

  1. Holdfast IV
    Holdfast IV, 2023
    - A mixed media piece by Michele Kirchner, measuring 24 x 48 inches. This artwork employs multiple materials to create a visually striking piece priced at $1,800 USD.
  2. Bound for Flames
    Bound for Flames, 2023
    - Created by Bernadette Larimer, this ceramic sculpture measures 12 x 8 inches and is priced at $1,160 USD.
  3. Woman Who Rocks Conga
    Woman Who Rocks Conga, 2023
    - A ceramic work by Lanette North, sized at 11 x 5.5 inches and available for $355 USD.
  4. Golden Seed
    Golden Seed, 2020,
    - A work by Brian Christensen, the sculpture is part of his fertility series and is fired high enough to be shown outdoors or indoors. Golden Seed is priced at $1440 USD.
  5. Nosiness, Ken Beerbohm, 2010, mixed media, 19 x 11 in. / 48.26 x 27.94 cm.
    Nosiness, 2010
    - A mixed media sculpture by Ken Beerbohm, measuring 19 x 11 inches, priced at $390 USD.
    Terra Vase
  6. Terra Vase, 2023 - Another work by Brian Christensen, Terra Vase mixed media sculpture priced at $1440 USD.
  7. Vantage, 2019 - A stone sculpture by Richard Burke, measuring 18 x 12 x 8 inches, priced at $5185 USD.
    Wall Sculpture
  8. Wall Sculpture, 2019 - This mixed media sculpture by Karen Titus Smith is a wall relief priced at $3600 USD.
    Splash Copper & Glass On Redwood Sculpture
  9. Splash Copper & Glass On Redwood Sculpture, 2023 - This sculpture by Bill Battaglia is called what it is, and priced at $2415 USD.
    Our Lady
  10. Our Lady, 2020 - A mixed media soft sculpture by Sarah Rieser, Our Lady is hand-sewn, needle-felted, and wire-articulated dolls stuffed with hope and fears, feather and tears, but mostly polyester fiberfill. It's priced at $4225 USD.
  11. Majestic, 2018 - This soapstone sculpture by Elisa Adams was inspired by Eugene-Joseph Verboeckhoven's Highland Monarchs. The piece is priced at $9240 USD.

These sculptures reflect a variety of styles and materials, from ceramics to mixed media, showcasing the diversity of modern sculpture available at the Naturalist Gallery. Each piece offers a unique aesthetic that could complement contemporary spaces, both personal and commercial.

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