artwork for bathroom decor for sale

Artwork for Bathroom Decor

Here are some delightful artworks from the Naturalist Gallery that could beautifully enhance bathroom decor.

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  1. Freaking Out in the Bathroom
    "Freaking Out in the Bathroom" by Matt Lock, 2021
    - A colored pencil on paper artwork, measuring 11 x 8.5 inches, perfect for adding a humorous touch to bathroom walls.
  2. Bathroom Sink
    "Bathroom Sink" by Jennifer Moses, 2023
    - This mixed media piece on paper, sized 22 x 32 inches, combines a playful spirit with artistic flair, ideal for a bathroom setting.
  3. The Ladies
    "The Ladies'" by Jennifer Moses, 2024
    - Another mixed media on canvas, measuring 18 x 24 inches, offers an elegant and whimsical aesthetic suitable for more refined bathroom decor.
  4. Tayrona Park Colombia
    "Tayrona Park Colombia" by Ricky Beron, 2016
    - An ultra fine art print on Hahnemühle torchon paper, 21 x 21 inches, provides a serene and beautiful touch with its naturalistic depiction.
  5. Cheeto Dust
    "Cheeto Dust" by Kaylee Walsh, 2024
    - An oil pastel, 9 x 9 inches, vibrant and lively, could add a pop of color and fun to a bathroom space.

These artworks span a variety of styles and mediums, each adding a unique element to bathroom decor. They are available for purchase at the Naturalist Gallery, where you can find pieces that match the aesthetic and humor appropriate for such an intimate space.

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