Urban and city artwork for sale

Urban Artwork For Sale

Here's a curated selection of urban-themed artworks available for sale at the Naturalist Gallery of Contemporary Art.

Explore our curated selection of contemporary artists from around the globe.

Naturalist Gallery offers artist representation internationally. Apply your art.

  1. Cloudy Day City
    Alan Iberg
    - "Cloudy Day City, 2024" (Oil on canvas, 30 x 40 in. / 76.2 x 101.6 cm) captures the moody ambiance of an urban landscape under overcast skies.
  2. Saint Patricks
    Charles Crabb
    - "Saint Patricks, 2023" (Hahnemühle photo rag, 12 x 18 in. / 30.48 x 20.32 cm) focuses on the architectural beauty of St. Patrick's Cathedral, rendered in high-quality photographic detail.
  1. The Royal Feast
    Jennifer Moses
    - "The Royal Feast, 2016" (Mixed media on board, 30 x 22 in. / 76.2 x 55.88 cm) combines various materials to create a vibrant urban scene​ (Naturalist Gallery of Contemporary Art)​.
  2. She Got Billie Eilish Style
    Dakota Proctor
    - "She Got Billie Eilish Style, 2023" (Oil on canvas, 8 x 8 in. / 20.32 x 20.32 cm) portrays urban street fashion with a pop culture twist​ (Naturalist Gallery of Contemporary Art)​.
  3. 7debt
    - "Untitled, 2023" (Digital render on framed paper print) reflects the digital era's influence on urban art, featuring sleek, modern aesthetics​ (Naturalist Gallery of Contemporary Art)​.
  4. Watermelon Days
    Roya Chadab
    - "Watermelon Days, 2023" (Mixed media, 24 x 18 in. / 60.96 x 45.72 cm) captures the lively essence of summer in the city through vibrant colors and dynamic composition​ (Naturalist Gallery of Contemporary Art)​.
  5. JOKER: Chimp Riding Armadillo
    Mary Wertsch
    - "JOKER: Chimp Riding Armadillo, 2019" (Acrylic on canvas, 36 x 24 in. / 91.44 x 60.96 cm) introduces a whimsical and surreal element to urban art narratives​ (Naturalist Gallery of Contemporary Art)​.
  6. Twinkle Toes
    Kaylee Walsh
    - "Twinkle Toes, 2024" (Oil pastels, 7 x 10 in. / 17.78 x 25.4 cm) depicts a light-hearted and playful aspect of city life through the use of vibrant pastels​ (Naturalist Gallery of Contemporary Art)​.

These pieces, diverse in style and medium, collectively offer a broad representation of urban life and expression, suitable for various tastes in contemporary art.

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