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Surreal Artwork For Sale

Here is a comprehensive list of surreal artworks available for sale at the Naturalist Gallery of Contemporary Art, each offering a unique artistic exploration.

Explore our curated selection of contemporary artists from around the globe.

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  1. This Deal Ends Tonight
    Matt Lock
    - "This Deal Ends Tonight" (2022, colored pencil on paper). A surreal scene involving a dragon mask and a dinner setting, blending the ordinary with the unexpected​ (Naturalist Gallery of Contemporary Art)​.
  2. Along the Hudson
    Wendell Jeffrey
    - "Along the Hudson" (2021, acrylic on paper). A triptych that narrates a surreal journey along a river with skeletal figures and mythical elements​ (Naturalist Gallery of Contemporary Art)​.
  3. Surreal
    Lisa Trevino
    - "Surreal" (2021, photography). A panoramic photograph that captures a surreal landscape, offering a unique visual challenge to the boundaries of traditional photography​ (Naturalist Gallery of Contemporary Art)​.
  4. Stir Fry
    Marc Chicoine
    - "Stir Fry" (2022, mixed media). Combines culinary elements with surreal imagery, creating a visually unexpected feast that plays with perception​ (Naturalist Gallery of Contemporary Art)​.
  5. Help, I'm on Fire
    Fae Borodiansky
    - "Help, I'm on Fire" (2022, oil on canvas). This artwork uses vivid imagery and colors to depict a dramatic and surreal scene​ (Naturalist Gallery of Contemporary Art)​.
  6. House of Green
    Barbara Sherman
    - "House of Green" (2021, mixed media). Depicts a surreal scenario where a townhouse is set in the sea, blending architecture with marine life​ (Naturalist Gallery of Contemporary Art)​.

These artworks showcase a variety of surreal expressions through different mediums, providing thought-provoking visuals that challenge conventional perceptions of reality. Each piece is distinct, offering narratives and aesthetics that captivate and intrigue, making them perfect for collectors and enthusiasts of surreal art.

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