original artwork for sale from gallery for $500 or less

Original Artwork Under $500

Here is a selection of unique original artworks available for under $500 each from different artists at the Naturalist Gallery, suitable for various tastes and preferences.

Explore our curated selection of contemporary artists from around the globe.

Naturalist Gallery offers artist representation internationally. Apply your art.

  1. Pacific Nr. 2, 2020

    "Pacific Nr. 2, 2020" by Oliver Staeuber
    - An acrylic on canvas painting priced at $500, showcasing a serene and minimalist approach.

  2. Untitled, 2023" by 7debt

    "Untitled, 2023" by 7debt
    - A digital render on framed paper print available starting at $80, blending modern techniques with abstract expressions.

  3. Wet Lips

    "Wet Lips, 2021" by Liane Merz
    - An analog assemblage priced at $400, featuring a unique textural and visual depth.

  4. National Shrine

    "National Shrine, 2023" by Brennan Kenealy
    - A photography on canvas print available from $80, offering a distinct and contemplative photographic style.

Each of these pieces reflects the artists' unique approaches to their mediums and subjects, making them ideal for both new art collectors and those looking to add some diversity to their collection without a substantial investment.

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