Minimalist Paintings For Sale

Minimalist Paintings For Sale

Here are some meticulously handpicked minimalist paintings from the Naturalist Gallery that are currently for sale, which would suit various aesthetic preferences and spaces.

Explore our curated selection of contemporary artists from around the globe.

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  1. What You See is What You...?
    "What You See is What You...?" by Arlette Stella Poland, 2021
    - This acrylic on canvas piece measures 36 x 24 inches and plays with abstract minimalism through subtle forms and tones.
  2. Breathe Out
    "Breathe Out" by Arlette Stella Poland, 2022
    - Another acrylic on canvas, this artwork is slightly larger at 25 x 32 inches, offering a serene and contemplative visual experience with its simplistic yet profound design.
  3. Cave Painting
    "Cave Painting" by John Lawson, 2024
    - A mixed media on paper artwork, measuring 14 x 17 inches, this piece combines minimalist motifs with a hint of historical artistic techniques.
  4. Cave Painting Selfies
    "Cave Painting Selfies" by John Lawson, 2024
    - Also mixed media on paper and measuring 14 x 17 inches, this painting reflects on contemporary themes using minimalist visual language.
  5. Eva Tomando el Sol

    "Eva Tomando el Sol" by Carlos Ponce, 2023
    - This mixed media work is 24 x 24 inches and features a vibrant yet straightforward composition that captures light and form in a minimalist style.

These selections offer a range of minimalistic approaches, from abstract explorations to more defined yet simple representations. Each piece carries a unique expression of minimalism, suited to enhance modern spaces with a touch of elegance and understated complexity.

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