impressionist artwork for sale online

Impressionist Art For Sale

Discover a handpicked selection of impressionist-style artworks are available at Naturalist Gallery of Contemporary Art.

Explore our curated selection of contemporary artists from around the globe.

Naturalist Gallery offers artist representation internationally. Apply your art.

  1. Display Shark
    Gavin Coates
    - Known for his vivid landscapes, one of his notable works, "Display Shark", blends natural elements with a touch of impressionist flair.
  2. Stir Fry
    Marc Chicoine
    - Offers an impressionist interpretation in his piece "Stir Fry", which uses mixed media to create vivid, dynamic scenes reminiscent of classic Impressionist techniques.
  3. Tao
    Allan Bealy
    - His collage "Tao" employs an impressionistic approach to texture and composition, focusing on abstract forms and light.
  4. Wet Lips
    Sam Heydt
    - In "Wet Lips", Heydt uses analog assemblage to mimic the emotional and textured strokes typical of Impressionism.
  5. 10h51, Selfie Un Peu Figé
    Henri Ekman
    - Known for his piece "10h51, Selfie Un Peu Figé", Ekman uses acrylic on paper to explore light and color in a manner that nods to traditional Impressionist styles.
  6. Tibetan Pilgrim
    Dale McGrath
    - His work, "Tibetan Pilgrim", utilizes oil on canvas to capture light and shadow in a soft, fluid manner that echoes the Impressionist movement.
  7. Tropical Rainforest Quetzal
    Sue Burickson
    - "Tropical Rainforest Quetzal" is a mixed media piece that uses light and color to create a lush, vibrant scene that reflects the Impressionist focus on nature and light.

These artists utilize various techniques that reflect the essence of Impressionism, focusing on light, movement, and everyday scenes through modern mediums and styles.

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