handmade wall art for home

Handmade Wall Art for Home

Here are some unique handmade wall art options from the Naturalist Gallery that would be perfect for home decor.

Explore our curated selection of contemporary artists from around the globe.

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  1. Pacific Nr. 12
    "Pacific Nr. 12" by Oliver Staeuber (2020)
    - This is an acrylic on canvas piece, featuring soothing oceanic hues that can bring a sense of calm to any room​ (Naturalist Gallery of Contemporary Art)​.
  2. Yves-Klein-Kuh
    "Yves-Klein-Kuh" by Liane Merz (2023)
    - A mixed media piece on canvas that uses vibrant colors and dynamic textures, suitable for making a bold statement in a contemporary space​ (Naturalist Gallery of Contemporary Art)
  3. Flare
    "Flare" by Allan Bealy (2022)
    - A collage that mixes various elements to create an engaging visual experience, great for adding an artistic touch to smaller spaces​ (Naturalist Gallery of Contemporary Art)​.
  4. She Got Billie Eilish Style
    "She Got Billie Eilish Style" by Dakota Proctor (2023)
    - An oil on canvas that features modern artistic influences, perfect for fans of pop culture and modern art styles​ (Naturalist Gallery of Contemporary Art)​.
  5. Geological Wonders!
    "Geological Wonders!" by Mary-Ellen Latino (2022) - This mixed media piece uses natural and earthy tones to depict rugged landscapes, ideal for adding texture and depth to living or work areas​ (Naturalist Gallery of Contemporary Art)​.
  6. Where the Brown Trout Swam
    "Where the Brown Trout Swam" by John Affolter (1990)
    - Painted on handmade rag, this work uses casein paint to explore vibrant landscapes, ideal for nature enthusiasts​ (Naturalist Gallery of Contemporary Art)​.
  7. Old Man and His Moss
    "Old Man and His Moss" by Carolyn Thome (2021)
    - A metal print that beautifully captures the texture and subtleties of moss growth on an old shoe, blending natural and human-made elements​ (Naturalist Gallery of Contemporary Art)​.

These pieces, ranging from vivid paintings to intriguing metal prints, offer diverse options for enhancing home interiors with original art. Each piece reflects unique artistic visions and would complement various home decor styles, particularly for those looking to integrate handmade and contemporary art into their living spaces.

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