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Floral Artwork For Sale

Here's a handpicked collection of floral artwork available for purchase at Naturalist Gallery of Contemporary Art.

Explore our curated selection of contemporary artists from around the globe.

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  1. Cactus Fiesta No. 2 by Julia Passamonti
    Cactus Fiesta No. 2 by Julia Passamonti (2022)
    - An oil on linen painting capturing the vibrant spirit of a cactus in bloom, compactly presented in a 6 x 6 inch format.
  2. Bloom Wide Open Solarized
    Bloom Wide Open Solarized by Elaine Defibaugh (2023)
    - A large mixed media photograph that uses solarization techniques to emphasize the vivid and transformative opening of a bloom.
  3. Periwinkle Flowers
    Periwinkle Flowers by Christine Alfery (2022)
    - Watermedia on paper, this artwork portrays the delicate essence of periwinkle flowers in a balanced 12 x 12 inch composition.
  4. Flaming Flowers
    Flaming Flowers by Marcia Pyner (2016)
    - An acrylic painting that brings to life the fiery hues of blooming flowers, sized at 16 x 20 inches.
  5. Flowers in Flight
    Flowers in Flight by Bethany Barto (2024)
    - A collage that creatively combines elements to depict flowers soaring through an 11 x 8.5 inch space.
  6. Color Collage Flowers
    Color Collage Flowers by Betty Butler (2022)
    - This digital media artwork presents a vibrant collage of floral colors in a 16 x 12 inch format.
  7. Yellow Flowers in Bloom
    Yellow Flowers in Bloom by Radha Saikia (2023)
    - Acrylic on canvas, showcasing the bright and cheerful essence of yellow blooms in a compact 10 x 8 inch frame.
  8. Tall Flower Arrangement
    Tall Flower Arrangement by Yasmailin Cook (2023)
    - A tall, narrow acrylic painting that elegantly displays a vertical array of flowers on a 36 x 12 inch canvas.
  9. Dancing Flower Demon
    Dancing Flower Demon by Richard P. Stevens (2023)
    - A digital photography piece that intriguingly combines floral elements with a mystical figure, spanning 18 x 25 inches.
  10. Flower Dance
    Flower Dance by Kaisa Siren (2023)
    - Captured on hahnemuhle bamboo paper, this digital photograph showcases the dynamic movement of flowers in a 11.4 x 16.5 inch frame.
  11. Flowering Dreams
    Flowering Dreams by Venu Tummalapalli (2023)
    - A photography piece that captures the ethereal and dream-like quality of blooming flowers, sized at 13 x 20 inches.
  12. Magnolia Grandiflora VI: Zelda the Flower
    Magnolia Grandiflora VI: Zelda the Flower by Andrea Finch (2019)
    - A textile artwork that brings the magnificence of the Magnolia flower into a three-dimensional form, measuring 26 x 30 x 30 inches.
  13. Roadside
    Roadside by Cindy Ingram (2023)
    - Mixed media on canvas depicting a spontaneous burst of roadside flora, sized at 24 x 20 inches.
  14. Thoughts
    Thoughts by Tara Verkuil (2023)
    - A mixed media work that visually interprets the flow and complexity of thoughts through floral imagery, within a 20 x 16 inch frame.

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