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Here are some standout pop art pieces from the Naturalist Gallery that you can consider purchasing online, each created by a different artist.

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  1. Bathroom Sink
    Jennifer Moses - "Bathroom Sink" (2023)
    : This mixed media piece uses vibrant colors and dynamic forms to explore everyday objects in a pop art style.
  2. Lab Partners Sacrificed
    Matt Lock - "Lab Partners Sacrificed" (2019)
    : A mixed media on paper that blends dark humor with scientific imagery, typical of pop art's exploration of non-traditional subjects.
  3. Silhouetted Green Leaves
    Lisa Marashian - "Silhouetted Green Leaves" (2023)
    : Utilizes gouache on watercolor paper to create bold and graphic representations of natural elements, reflecting pop art's strong visual impact.
  4. Birds Feeding
    Roya Chadab - "Birds Feeding" (2023)
    : A mixed media artwork that captures everyday scenes in vivid detail, echoing the pop art fascination with daily life.
  5. Flare
    Allan Bealy - "Flare" (2022)
    : A collage that incorporates elements of pop culture and vibrant colors, typical of pop art's aesthetic.
  6. She Got Billie Eilish Style
    Dakota Proctor - "She Got Billie Eilish Style" (2023)
    : An oil painting that uses celebrity imagery and bold styling, a direct nod to the influence of pop culture in art.
  7. Incubitu

    7debt - "Incubitu" (2023)
    : A digital render that showcases the intersection of digital art and pop aesthetics, emphasizing modern technological influences on the genre.

These pieces reflect the diverse approaches to pop art within the Naturalist Gallery's collection, showcasing how contemporary artists reinterpret this vibrant art style. Each artwork offers a unique take on pop art's themes and is suitable for different tastes and interiors.

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