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Here is a selection of abstract artworks available for purchase at the Naturalist Gallery, showcasing diverse artists and styles, each with a unique contribution to the realm of abstract art.

Explore our curated selection of contemporary artists from around the globe.

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  1. A World Submerged
    Sungwon Hong - "A World Submerged" (2021)
    : An oil on canvas that delves into a vibrant, abstract underwater world.
  2. Abstract #11
    Zofia Niechwiedowicz - "Abstract #11" (2023)
    : Uses oil on canvas to explore color and texture, offering a powerful visual narrative.
  3. A Storm Is Coming
    Sarah Eiermann - "A Storm Is Coming" (2023)
    : Captures the tumultuous energy of an impending storm through expressive color contrasts and dynamic textures.
  4. Creation
    Barbara Fee Sheehan - "Creation" (2023)
    : An oil painting that dynamically captures movement and energy, suitable for those intrigued by the vibrancy of life.
  5. Feigning
    M Robert Martin - "Feigning" (2024)
    : A piece of digital photography that challenges norms and explores conceptual themes.
  6. Choices
    James Mariano - "Choices" (2023)
    : An acrylic painting that embraces the spirit of contemporary art with its bold choices in color and form.
  7. Not So Still Life
    Alan Iberg - "Not So Still Life" (2022)
    : An oil on canvas that plays with traditional themes in a modern abstract style.
  8. Spiraling the Black Diamond
    Emily Freiman - "Spiraling the Black Diamond" (2023)
    : A watercolor painting that captures movement with elegance and subtlety.

These artworks offer a wide range of expressions and techniques in abstract art, making them ideal for diverse tastes and collection styles. Each piece stands out for its creative approach and the unique vision of its creator, perfect for enhancing any art collection or space with modern abstract art.

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