Art Collectors Gallery Online

Art Collectors Gallery Online

Exploring the Naturalist Gallery of Contemporary Art's offerings for art collectors online reveals a wealth of curated selections of contemporary art suitable for a discerning collector's gallery. Here are some standout artworks from their collection.

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  1. Her Beauty Gained Her Everything

    "Her Beauty Gained Her Everything" by Matthew Schellenberg (2020)
    : A large-scale mixed media work that offers a dramatic aesthetic with its size and intricate detail.

  2. They Spoke Such Wonderful Words of Wisdom

    "They Spoke Such Wonderful Words of Wisdom" by Matthew Schellenberg (2023)
    : Another striking mixed media piece from Schellenberg, renowned for its grand scale and thought-provoking content.

  3. Pedestrian
    "Pedestrian" by Marc Chicoine (2022)
    : This encaustic piece offers a unique textural experience that could intrigue collectors interested in the interplay of natural themes with urban motifs.
  4. Rose
    "Rose" by Ido Barav (2023)
    : A large oil on canvas that captures the delicate beauty of a rose, perfect for collectors looking for botanical themes with a modern twist.
  5. Recapturing the Limited Edition Biological Cap
    "Recapturing the Limited Edition Biological Cap" by Matt Lock (2023)
    : This mixed media on paper highlights contemporary issues, making it a conversation starter in any collection.
  6. Liv
    "Liv" by Lianne Jedeikin (2023)
    : An oil on vintage wallpaper, showcasing a unique use of materials and a hauntingly beautiful aesthetic.
  7. Float
    "Float" by Lianne Jedeikin (2022)
    : Another example of Jedeikin's work on vintage wallpaper, which offers an ethereal and dream-like quality, suitable for serene environments.

These pieces are highlighted not just for their artistic value but also for their potential appeal to collectors interested in diverse media and themes that range from the abstract to the representational.

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