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The Best Art Galleries in Boston: A Guide to the City's Vibrant Art Scene

Boston is renowned for its thriving art scene, with a plethora of galleries showcasing a diverse range of art, from contemporary work to classic pieces of art history.

Discover Boston's vibrant art scene at top galleries like Society of Arts + Crafts, Robert Klein Gallery, SoWa Artists Guild, Vose Galleries, Praise Shadows Art Gallery, and more. Immerse yourself in diverse artistic expressions and bring home a piece of Boston's creative spirit.

discovering fine art in Boston; visiting art galleries and museums

Whether you're a visitor or a resident of the city, exploring these galleries offers a chance to immerse yourself in Boston's world-class art scene and even take a piece of it home with you. In this article, we'll introduce you to some of the top art galleries in Boston, each offering a unique experience and a chance to appreciate exceptional artistic talent.

  1. Society of Arts + Crafts
    Society of Arts + Crafts
    : Founded in 1897, the Society of Arts + Crafts has evolved over the years, recently transitioning from a physical location to a virtual platform, making art and craftsmanship more accessible to the public. Through its CraftBoston initiative, the society offers online exhibitions showcasing everyday art, ranging from jewelry to furniture to toys. They also host virtual events such as workshops and classes, connecting artists with the audience.

  2. Robert Klein Gallery
    Robert Klein Gallery
    : Established in 1980, the Robert Klein Gallery is renowned as one of the world's most prestigious fine art photography galleries. Located on Newbury Street, the gallery showcases seasonal exhibits featuring the works of renowned photographers such as Annie Leibovitz, Diane Arbus, and Irving Penn. It is a must-visit destination for photography enthusiasts.

  3. SOWA
    SoWa Artists Guild
    : Housed in a former mercantile building in Boston's South End, the SoWa Artists Guild is an umbrella organization representing 30 galleries and over 200 artist studios. It serves as a platform for professional studio artists from various backgrounds and mediums, making it one of New England's largest artistic communities. The guild hosts weekly events like the Vintage Market, monthly SoWa First Fridays art walk, and the annual Open Studios weekender.

  4. Vose Galleries
    : Situated in a charming brownstone on Newbury Street, Vose Galleries is one of Boston's oldest privately-owned art galleries. With roots dating back to 1841, the gallery has a rich history in promoting American art, particularly American Impressionism. It showcases works by renowned artists from different periods, including 18th, 19th, and early 20th-century American realist paintings.

  5. Praise Shadows Art Gallery
    Praise Shadows Art Gallery
    : Located in Brookline, Praise Shadows Art Gallery aims to tap into the untapped potential of the art world. This contemporary gallery provides a hybrid space for emerging and mid-career artists, featuring a diverse range of art forms, from paintings to sculpture and even tattoo and digital media. The gallery also offers workshops, mentorship programs, and a retail space for art books and more affordable works.

  6. Godine Family Gallery
    Godine Family Gallery
    : Located in Mission Hill, the Godine Family Gallery is run by students in the Studio for Interrelated Media (SIM) department at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. It serves as an educational platform for students to learn about the logistics of running a gallery while showcasing a variety of multi-media artists, including visual arts, light, music, and poetry.

  7. DTR Modern
    : DTR Modern is a contemporary art gallery known for its vibrant collection of works by leading artists. With locations in Boston, Nantucket, Washington D.C., New York, and Palm Beach, DTR Modern has established itself as one of the most influential modern art gallery operations on the East Coast. The Boston location on Newbury Street offers prestigious exhibits featuring works from masters such as Warhol, Basquiat, and Lichtenstein.

  8. Galerie d'Orsay
    Galerie d'Orsay
    : Situated on Newbury Street, Galerie d'Orsay is a prestigious art salon showcasing mixed mediums, including paintings and sculptures. Founded in 2000 by art historian Sallie Hirshberg, the gallery presents works by renowned artists like Rembrandt, Renoir, and Picasso. Despite its scope and prestige, Galerie d'Orsay maintains an intimate setting, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in a beautifully-curated collection that changes regularly.

  9. Gallery NAGA
    Gallery NAGA
    : Located at the corner of Berkeley and Newbury Streets in the neo-Gothic Church of the Covenant, Gallery NAGA offers a unique fusion of art and spirituality. Established in 1977, the gallery primarily focuses on American art, showcasing the works of local painters from Boston and New England. It also features contemporary photographers, printmakers, sculptors, and artisan furniture makers. Notably, it exhibits works by renowned holographist Harriet Casdin-Silver.

  10. Krakow Witkin Gallery
    Krakow Witkin Gallery
    : Situated in Back Bay, the Krakow Witkin Gallery stands out for its focus on Postmodern art, including paintings, drawings, sculptures, and prints. The gallery showcases emerging and established regional, national, and international artists, with an emphasis on Minimalist and conceptually-driven works from the 1960s onwards. The One Wall, One Artist series presents changing exhibits of an artist's work, neatly grouped on one of the gallery's walls. Additionally, the gallery offers framing, insuring, shipping, and installation services for purchased artwork.

  11. Copley Society of Art
    Copley Society of Art
    : Named after Boston-born artist John Singleton Copley, the Copley Society of Art is America's oldest non-profit art association. Founded in 1879, it has played a vital role in supporting local artists and promoting their works. The gallery features exhibitions by over 400 living members, including painters, photographers, sculptors, and new media artists. They also host fundraising events and competitions throughout the year.

  12. Paul Dietrich Gallery
    Paul Dietrich Gallery: Located within the Cambridge-based architecture and design firm CambridgeSeven, the Paul Dietrich Gallery highlights contemporary American artists, with a focus on local talent. The gallery hosts four exhibitions per year, showcasing the works of emerging and established artists, including past and present employees of the firm.

  13. Leica Gallery Boston
    Leica Gallery Boston
    : Situated on Stuart Street, the Leica Gallery Boston offers a unique perspective on photographic arts. The gallery exhibits works by world-famous photographers, including photojournalists, while also providing Leica Akademie workshops to nurture up-and-coming photographers. Amateur photographers can participate in gallery competitions, with winning works receiving national and/or international recognition.

  14. Boston Sculptors Gallery
    Boston Sculptors Gallery
    : Founded in the early 1990s, the Boston Sculptors Gallery showcases contemporary sculptures created by artists working in various mediums. As a collaborative, member-run gallery, it also exhibits group shows outside its South End home, establishing itself as a premier destination for experiencing sculpture in Boston and New England. The gallery offers artist talks, panel discussions, and performances to further engage visitors in the world of sculpture.

  15. 13 Forest Gallery
    13Forest Gallery
    : Originally located on Forest Street, the 13Forest Gallery has moved to Arlington Center, just outside of Boston. The gallery focuses on showcasing contemporary art from emerging and mid-career artists, highlighting the vibrant local art scene. The rotating exhibits feature a variety of mediums, including painting, sculpture, photography, and mixed media, providing a dynamic and ever-evolving art experience.

art galleries and museums in Boston

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These are just a few of the top art galleries in Boston, each offering a unique experience and showcasing remarkable works by talented artists. Exploring these galleries will undoubtedly enrich your understanding and appreciation of Boston's vibrant art scene. So, whether you're a seasoned art connoisseur or simply interested in exploring the world of art, make sure to visit these galleries and immerse yourself in the creative spirit of Boston.

Boston's Art Scene: Art Galleries and Museums

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