Best Art Galleries in New York City

Best Galleries in NYC: Exploring a Vibrant Art Scene

New York City is renowned for its thriving art scene, featuring world-class museums and over a thousand galleries.

Discover New York City's vibrant art scene with these top galleries:

  1. Hauser & Wirth New York
  2. Gagosian Gallery
  3. David Zwirner
  4. Gladstone Gallery
  5. Greene Naftali
  6. Cavin-Morris Gallery
  8. Half Gallery
  9. Marianne Boesky Gallery
  10. Michael Werner
  11. C24 Gallery
  12. Garth Greenan Gallery

Art Galleries in NYC

From established artists to emerging talents, the city offers a diverse range of artistic expressions. This article will take you on a curated tour of the best galleries in NYC, showcasing their unique offerings and influential artists.

Hauser & Wirth

  1. Hauser & Wirth New York: Hauser & Wirth is a global powerhouse with branches in nine locations worldwide, including two in New York City. Situated in Chelsea and the Upper East Side, Hauser & Wirth exhibits works by both established artists like Louise Bourgeois and emerging talents. The gallery also represents important historical figures and estates such as Philip Guston.                                                                                    Gagosian

  2. Gagosian Gallery: Led by Larry Gagosian, the Gagosian Gallery is a dominant force in the art world with 15 spaces worldwide. Its flagship location on 24th Street in Chelsea is a massive 20,000-square-foot gallery space. Gagosian exhibits renowned artists like Damien Hirst, Andy Warhol, and Richard Serra, among others.                                                                  David Zwirner

  3. David Zwirner: David Zwirner has grown from a modest Soho space to a global powerhouse with locations in London, Hong Kong, and multiple venues in New York City. The Chelsea gallery on West 20th Street hosts museum-quality shows of historical figures and movements, while the West 19th Street space features exhibitions by international contemporary artists.                                                                                                             Gladstone Gallery

  4. Gladstone Gallery: Gladstone Gallery focuses on blue-chip artists and showcases daring talents like Matthew Barney, Sarah Lucas, and Anish Kapoor. With multiple locations in Chelsea, the Upper East Side, and Brussels, Belgium, Gladstone Gallery is a significant player in the art world.                                                                                                              

  5. Greene Naftali: Located in Chelsea, Greene Naftali is known for hosting exhibitions by prominent artists such as Rachel Harrison, Paul Chan, and Peter Halley. The gallery's street-level and eighth-floor spaces offer a unique perspective, with stunning views of Hudson Yards and midtown Manhattan.                                                                                                      Calvin-Morris Gallery

  6. Cavin-Morris Gallery: With a strong emphasis on uniqueness, integrity, and authenticity, Cavin-Morris Gallery has operated for over 30 years. The gallery focuses on self-taught and visionary artists while also showcasing contemporary ceramicists and indigenous artworks from Africa, Asia, the South Pacific, and the Americas.                                                                    CLEARING

  7. CLEARING: CLEARING is the New York branch of a gallery based in Brussels, Belgium. Located in East Williamsburg, CLEARING specializes in contemporary art by emerging artists from around the world. The gallery recently expanded to include an Upper East Side location.                           Half Gallery

  8. Half Gallery: Founded by art-world influencer Bill Powers, Half Gallery is a hidden gem focusing on emerging artists. Located on the Upper East Side, this intimate space provides a platform for the most recently emergent talents in the art world.                                                                                    

  9. Marianne Boesky Gallery: Marianne Boesky Gallery, originally established in Soho, migrated to Chelsea in 2005. The gallery exhibits a mix of established, mid-career, and emerging artists, including high-profile names like Frank Stella and John Waters. Boesky also operates a space in Aspen, Colorado.                                                                                            Michael Werner

  10. Michael Werner: Under the direction of Gordon VeneKlasen, Michael Werner Gallery represents some of the most important artists of our time. With a focus on contemporary American and European painting, sculpture, and drawing, the gallery also specializes in works by modern masters such as Hans Arp and Kurt Schwitters.                                                                   C 24

  11. C24 Gallery: This 9,000-square-foot space on West 24th Street in Chelsea is dedicated to emerging artists. C24 Gallery was founded by Turkish Internet mogul and art collector Emre Kurttepeli.                                           Garth Greenan Gallery

  12. Garth Greenan Gallery: Garth Greenan Gallery, previously co-owned by Gary Snyder, is now solely owned by Garth Greenan. This contemporary art gallery focuses on artists who have been underappreciated or overlooked by the art world.

best art galleries to visit in New York City

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New York City's art scene offers a plethora of galleries that cater to various artistic tastes. From the global powerhouses like Hauser & Wirth and Gagosian Gallery to the hidden gems like Half Gallery, each venue provides a unique experience for art enthusiasts. Whether you're interested in established artists or emerging talents, exploring the best galleries in NYC will undoubtedly be a captivating journey through the world of contemporary art.

New York City Fine Art Scene: Art Galleries

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