Los Angeles Art Galleries

Exploring Los Angeles: 15 Must-Visit Art Galleries

Los Angeles is renowned for its thriving art scene, where creativity flourishes in a diverse and inclusive environment.

Explore the Vibrant Art Scene of Los Angeles: 

  1. Art + Practice
  2. The Broad
  3. Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)
  4. California African American Museum (CAAM)
  5. Blum & Poe
  6. Commonwealth and Council
  7. David Kordansky Gallery
  8. Hauser & Wirth Los Angeles
  10. The Mistake Room
  11. New Image Art
  12. Regen Projects
  13. Subliminal Projects
  14. UTA Artist Space
  15. Various Small Fires

top art galleries in los angeles

The city's art galleries showcase a wide range of styles and mediums, offering a unique experience for art enthusiasts and the general public. In this article, we highlight 12 of the best art galleries in Los Angeles that are free and open to the public. These galleries not only exhibit exceptional works of art but also contribute to the local community and support emerging artists.

Art + Practice

  1. Art + Practice: Founded in 2014 by Mark Bradford, Eileen Harris Norton, and Allan DiCastro, Art + Practice is an art and social service organization located in Leimert Park. The gallery's free arts programs and museum-curated exhibitions are dedicated to inspiring and addressing the needs of transition-aged foster youth in South L.A. Art + Practice collaborates with institutions across America, providing a platform for emerging artists and promoting the rich cultural heritage of the neighborhood.                                                                                             The Broad

  2. The Broad: The Broad is a contemporary art museum located in Downtown Los Angeles. Founded by philanthropists Eli and Edythe Broad, the museum showcases a remarkable collection of postwar and contemporary art. Visitors can explore iconic artworks, including pieces by renowned artists such as Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Yayoi Kusama. The Broad also offers free general admission, allowing a wide audience to experience contemporary art.                                                     LACMA

  3. Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA): LACMA, located on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles, is the largest art museum in the western United States. With its extensive collection and diverse range of exhibitions, LACMA is a cornerstone of the city's art scene. The museum boasts a collection spanning thousands of years, showcasing artworks from various cultures and time periods.                                                                               CAAM

  4. California African American Museum (CAAM): The California African American Museum, located in Exposition Park, is dedicated to exploring the art, history, and culture of African Americans. The museum hosts a wide range of exhibitions and programs, highlighting the contributions and experiences of African Americans in California and beyond. From contemporary art to historical artifacts, CAAM offers a comprehensive perspective on the African American journey.                                                 Blum and Poe

  5. Blum & Poe: Blum & Poe played a pivotal role in establishing the Culver City Arts District in 2003. The gallery represents over 50 artists working in different media and has gained a reputation for bringing international artists into the American market. Blum & Poe's large-scale surveys explore global art movements, such as the Japanese Mono-ha moment and Korean Dansaekhwa monochrome painters, fostering cross-cultural dialogue.                                                                                                         Commonwealth and Council

  6. Commonwealth and Council: Located in Koreatown, Commonwealth and Council is a gallery that champions emerging artists of color, queer artists, and artists with intersecting identities. The gallery prioritizes community and camaraderie, offering a platform for artists who might otherwise be overlooked by larger institutions. Through intimate solo shows and collaborations, Commonwealth and Council creates an inclusive and supportive environment.                                                                                                                            David Kordansky Gallery

  7. David Kordansky Gallery: David Kordansky Gallery, situated in Mid City, has been instrumental in shaping the contemporary art scene in Los Angeles. The gallery represents wildly expressive and innovative artists, showcasing their works in a spacious 12,000-square-foot venue. With a reputation for discovering and nurturing talent, David Kordansky Gallery continues to be a destination for collectors and art enthusiasts alike.                                                                    Hauser & Wirth

  8. Hauser & Wirth Los Angeles: A powerhouse in the Los Angeles art scene, Hauser & Wirth is a commercial gallery that curates a wide range of work in its former flour mill location. The gallery features established and emerging artists, fostering conversations around sustainability and conservation. Hauser & Wirth's commitment to community engagement is evident through its workshops, garden, and on-site restaurant.                                                                                        LAXART

  9. LAXART: LAXART, a nonprofit alternative art space located in Hollywood, provides thought-provoking exhibitions focused on societal and political issues. The gallery showcases multidisciplinary art forms, including sculptural works, poetry readings, jazz performances, and panel discussions. LAXART's dedication to inquiry-driven showcases fosters an avant-garde community of thinkers and researchers.                                    The Mistake Room

  10. The Mistake Room: The Mistake Room has been at the forefront of promoting Latinx art and building context around it since its establishment in 2014. This independent space goes beyond mere representation and explores the impact and connections of pivotal Latin American artists. By organizing retrospectives and exhibitions, The Mistake Room challenges the traditional model of displaying art.                                                                                                                   New Image Art

  11. New Image Art: Founded in 1994, New Image Art is one of the oldest artist-run venues in Los Angeles. The gallery focuses on showcasing emerging, underrepresented contemporary artists, providing a platform for their debut and artistic possibilities. New Image Art embraces unconventional spaces and collaborations, contributing to the dynamic and alternative culture of the art scene.                                                                 Regen Projects

  12. Regen Projects: Regen Projects made a bold move by relocating to Hollywood in 2012, establishing itself as a major gallery in the L.A. art world. The gallery's 20,000-square-foot space allows for large-scale exhibitions featuring international artists working in various mediums. Regen Projects' commitment to nurturing artists and its architectural splendor make it a must-visit destination.                                                       Subliminal by Shepard Fairey

  13. Subliminal Projects: Owned by street artist Shepard Fairey, Subliminal Projects is a gallery in Echo Park that curates vibrant and celebratory group shows. The gallery's eclectic exhibitions range from activist-rooted artworks to notable blips in alternative culture. Subliminal Projects strikes a balance between being touristy and cool, appealing to a wide audience.                                                                                                UTA Artist Space

  14. UTA Artist Space: Operated by a top-tier Hollywood talent agency, UTA Artist Space aims to promote artists historically underrepresented in white art institutions. The gallery's skylit space showcases the work of bright talents, offering a platform for emerging artists. UTA Artist Space's location in Beverly Hills challenges the dominance of traditional art spaces and encourages inclusivity.                                                                                                                                                                  VSF

  15. Various Small Fires: Various Small Fires, opened by Esther Kim Varet in 2012, challenges the traditional gallery system and promotes emerging artists beyond their initial stages. The gallery represents a select group of artists and provides a nurturing environment for their growth. Various Small Fires also extends its reach to the Asian art market, fostering international connections.

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Los Angeles boasts a vibrant and diverse art scene, and these 12 galleries exemplify the city's artistic richness. From nonprofit spaces to commercial powerhouses, these galleries contribute to the cultural fabric of Los Angeles by championing emerging artists, fostering inclusivity, and engaging with critical societal issues. Whether you're a seasoned art enthusiast or a curious visitor, exploring these galleries will offer a unique and immersive experience into the world of contemporary art in Los Angeles.

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