How to Start Selling Your Fine Art: Options for Turning Art into Cash

How to Start Selling Your Fine Art: Options for Turning Art into Cash

Many talented artists struggle to turn their passion into a thriving business because they fail to recognize the new opportunities available for selling their artwork.

To sell art: 1) Embrace your artist identity; 2) Invest in high-quality photography; 3) Choose your sales path (online platforms, galleries, shows); 4) Register your business; 5) Determine pricing strategy; 6) Market your store via SEO, ads, social media, collaborations.

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Regardless of how you choose to show and sell your work, there are a few basic steps you should take. This article will guide you through the process of starting your art-selling business and provide options for getting your art in front of potential buyers.

  1. Embrace Your Identity as an Artist and Entrepreneur:                                          making money as an artist
  • Introduce yourself as an artist in both business and social settings.
  • Carry business cards and consider having brochures ready to distribute.
  • Create an artist website to showcase your work and demonstrate your commitment to selling.
  1. Invest in Photography:                                                                                                  preparing to sell art
  • High-quality photos are essential for showcasing your art in any selling option.
  • Consider hiring a professional photographer or invest time and effort in capturing your artwork's best light.
  1. Choose Your Path to Market: There are various ways to get your art in front of potential buyers. Here are the main options:
  • Sell Originals Online:

    • List your work on platforms like Naturalist Gallery, Etsy, Big Cartel, or the Fine Art Department on Amazon.
    • Develop a social media marketing plan and possibly allocate an advertising budget to promote your work.
    • Consider curated sites like UGallery or established online sales platforms like Saatchiart for breaking into the high-end market.
  • Sell Reproductions:                                                                                                selling reproductions of art

    • Explore fulfillment companies like Fine Art America and Society6, which reproduce and sell your work on merchandise such as wall art, greeting cards, and more.
    • Benefit from their services in handling packaging, shipping, and collecting payments.
    • Naturalist Gallery offers an opportunity for artists to release Limited Edition Fine Art Prints. Apply for a print release.
  • Show and Sell In-Person:                                                                                       show and sell art

    • Approach galleries by following their submission guidelines for a chance to display your work.
    • Participate in art shows and street fairs to gain exposure, receive potential awards, and generate social media content.
    • Network in your community, collaborate with charities, contact interior designers and local businesses, and seek coverage from local newspapers to expand your reach.

Naturalist Gallery offers artist representation to a curated selection of international contemporary artists. If selected, artists gain permanent archival of their artworks, curated solo exhibitions, limited edition print releases, curation into juried themed exhibitions, and potential inclusion in marketing materials and press releases. Sell your art to collectors from around the world.

Table of Contents:                                                                                                     

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  1. Decide What Art to Sell - And How to Sell It

    • Sell Original Art
    • Sell Copies, Prints, or Digital Files
    • Sell Other Artists' Work
  2. Register Your Business                                                                                           start your art business

    • Consider registering as an LLC for better organization and potential future expansion.
    • Obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN) for setting up a business bank account.
    • Check if a business license is required in your state to sell art.
  3. Choose Your Sales Channels

  4. Determine Pricing                                                                                                         pricing art for sale

    • Consider the effort and uniqueness of your artwork when setting prices.
    • Factor in shipping costs and customer preferences to optimize pricing strategies.
    • Gradually increase prices as you build a customer base and offer collectible or limited-edition items.
  5. Market Your Online Art Store

    • Optimize your website for search engines (SEO).
    • Promote your listings through ads, social media, and relevant Facebook Groups.
    • Utilize content marketing, collaborate with other artists, and leverage your existing network for promotion.

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By following these steps and exploring the various options available, you can successfully start selling your fine art and turn your talent into a profitable business venture.

Explore our curated selections of contemporary artists from around the world.

For artist representation that gets your art in front of collectors, apply to Naturalist Gallery.

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