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Choosing the Best Watercolor Paper: A Guide for Artists

The best watercolor paper is typically 100% cotton, offering durability and excellent absorbency. Arches is highly recommended for its quality across various textures like hot, cold, and rough press, suitable for different artistic needs.

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Overview of Key Factors

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1. Material and Quality: The best watercolor papers are typically made from 100% cotton, providing high durability and excellent absorbency, allowing for multiple layers of wash without warping.

2. Weight: Watercolor paper comes in various weights, with heavier weights like 300 gsm being ideal for wet techniques and larger works that require more water. Lighter weights might buckle under heavy wash unless stretched.

3. Texture: The texture of watercolor paper can significantly affect the appearance of your artwork. Papers are available in hot press (smooth), cold press (moderately textured), and rough (highly textured). Hot press is great for detailed work, while rough papers enhance the textural qualities of watercolors.

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4. Absorbency: Absorption levels vary among papers, affecting how the paint settles and dries. High absorbency papers are better for techniques that involve blending and soft gradients, while lower absorbency papers offer more vibrant and textured effects.

5. Sizing: Watercolor papers are sized either internally or externally to resist water. Internal sizing is evenly distributed throughout the paper, making it more durable and less likely to tear when wet. External sizing sits on the surface, enhancing the paper's texture and color-holding capabilities.

Recommended Brands and Products

Arches Watercolour Paper
Arches Watercolour Paper
: Known for its superior quality, Arches offers both cold-pressed and hot-pressed options, suitable for different artistic needs. It's praised for its durability and ability to handle heavy washes without damage.
Saunders Waterford
Saunders Waterford
and Fabriano Artistico: These brands are also highly recommended for their quality and versatility in watercolor painting. They provide excellent surfaces that support various watercolor techniques​.

Selecting the right watercolor paper is crucial for achieving the desired outcomes in your artwork. Consider the material, weight, texture, absorbency, and sizing when choosing a paper. Brands like Arches, Saunders Waterford, and Fabriano Artistico are typically safe choices for professional-quality results. Experiment with different papers to find the one that best suits your artistic style and technique preferences.

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