affordable art for sale at naturalist gallery

Affordable Original Artworks For Sale

Affordable original artworks available at the Naturalist Gallery might interest you. Here are some options.



Explore our curated selection of contemporary artists from around the globe.

Naturalist Gallery offers artist representation internationally. Apply your art.

  1. Recapturing the Limited Edition Biological Cap
    "Recapturing the Limited Edition Biological Cap" by Matt Lock, 2023
    - Priced at $350 USD, this mixed media on paper measures 11 x 8.5 inches and features intricate details​ (Naturalist Gallery of Contemporary Art)​.
  2. Watched From a World Within Wallpaper
    "Watched From a World Within Wallpaper" by Matt Lock, 2023
    - Also priced at $350 USD, this colored pencil on paper artwork measures 11.7 x 8.3 inches and displays Lock's unique style​ (Naturalist Gallery of Contemporary Art)​.
  3. Woman Who Rocks Conga
    "Woman Who Rocks Conga" by Lanette North, 2023
    - This ceramic piece is quite affordable at $355 USD and measures 11 x 5.5 inches, reflecting North's skill with ceramic media​ (Naturalist Gallery of Contemporary Art)​.
  4. Nosiness
    "Nosiness" by Ken Beerbohm, 2010
    - Available for $390 USD, this mixed media artwork measures 19 x 11 inches, offering a playful yet profound visual experience​ (Naturalist Gallery of Contemporary Art)​.
  5. Awkward First Date
    "Awkward First Date" by Ken Beerbohm, 2014
    - This mixed media piece is priced at $350 USD and measures 9 x 12 inches, showcasing Beerbohm's distinctive artistic narrative​ (Naturalist Gallery of Contemporary Art)​.

These pieces represent a range of styles and mediums, all priced accessibly for those looking to enhance their collection without overspending.

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