Naturalist Gallery Overview

Naturalist Gallery Overview

Naturalist Gallery Overview

Naturalist Gallery is a prominent online platform that celebrates the diversity of international contemporary art. With a curated selection of established and emerging artists, the gallery offers a dynamic and engaging experience for art enthusiasts. Beyond showcasing artworks, Naturalist Gallery provides artists with a comprehensive set of benefits, including juried exhibitions, solo exhibitions, limited edition print releases, and more. In this article, we explore the unique advantages that artists can enjoy through their representation at Naturalist Gallery and how it enhances their visibility in the art world.

  1. Expert Curation and Solo Exhibitions: Naturalist Gallery takes pride in its expert curation process, ensuring that artworks receive the attention they deserve. Selected artists have the opportunity to be featured in solo exhibitions on the gallery's Features page, providing a dedicated showcase for their body of work. This curation adds credibility and exposure, attracting art enthusiasts and collectors to discover the artist's unique artistic voice.

  2. Permanent Artist Residency and Enhanced Visibility: Artists represented by Naturalist Gallery gain access to an exclusive online residency on the Artists page. This residency features the artist's bio, artist statement, chosen URLs, and Instagram handle, creating a centralized platform to promote their work. The gallery's extensive network and marketing initiatives increase the visibility of artists among art enthusiasts and collectors, fostering connections and potential opportunities for collaborations.

  3. Limited Edition Print Series: One of the standout advantages of Naturalist Gallery representation is the opportunity for artists to release limited edition print series. The gallery's curation staff collaborates with artists to create fine art prints using their images. These limited edition prints, available for sale on the gallery's Prints page, offer collectors a chance to own exclusive artworks while providing artists with an additional revenue stream.

  4. Juried Exhibitions and Archival of Artworks: Naturalist Gallery hosts internationally received Juried Exhibitions, offering artists the chance to showcase their work in prestigious art events. Selected artworks are prominently displayed on the gallery's Collections page, providing exposure to a wider audience. Furthermore, Naturalist Gallery ensures the archival of artists' artworks, listing them for sale on the gallery's website for a minimum of 60 days, increasing the opportunities for sales and recognition.

  5. Transparent Pricing and Secure Transactions: Naturalist Gallery adopts a net pricing approach, allowing artists to determine the price they wish to receive for their artworks. The gallery collects the amount above that figure at the time of sale. This transparent pricing structure ensures that artists retain control over their artwork's value. Additionally, the gallery offers secure online transactions and provides certificates of authenticity for each print or original artwork sold, enhancing buyer confidence and trust.

  6. Marketing Exposure and Support: Artists represented by Naturalist Gallery have the potential to be featured in marketing materials, email newsletters, and press releases. These promotional efforts expand artists' reach and exposure to a wider audience, further establishing their presence in the art community. The gallery's dedication to supporting and promoting its artists is evident in its comprehensive marketing strategies.

Naturalist Gallery stands as a powerful platform that empowers artists in the digital art space. With its curated selection, solo exhibitions, limited edition print releases, juried exhibitions, and ongoing support, the gallery offers artists a range of benefits to enhance their careers and visibility. By embracing the opportunities provided by Naturalist Gallery, artists can unlock new avenues for recognition, sales, and connections in the ever-evolving world of contemporary art.

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