How to get into art galleries

How to Get Your Work in an Art Gallery

How to Get Your Work in an Art Gallery?

Get your work in an art gallery by establishing a relationship with a gallery, preparing your work for gallery applications, engaging with the art community and, most importantly, submitting your artwork to galleries.

Want to get your work into an art gallery but unsure where to start with art submissions or how to find art galleries looking for new artists? This guide will show you how to ace those art submissions and score a spot in the most prestigious art galleries accepting new artists.

Establishing a Relationship with a Galleryhow to get your artwork in a gallery

If you want to sell your art, you’re going to need representation. Your goal should be to establish a relationship with a gallery that will take you on and champion your work to potential buyers. Here’s how you hone those submission skills and get your art into clients’ hands.

  1. Be Honest: Where Can I Display My Artwork? Save time for yourself and gallery owners by asking yourself where you can realistically show your art. Familiarize yourself with the past and current exhibitions at galleries you’re interested in to see if your art aligns with their themes, styles, and media.

  2. Research Galleries Based on Experience Level While high-end galleries may occasionally take on lesser-known artists, it’s more likely that you’ll need to reach a level of recognition or success before approaching large, well-funded galleries. Start by considering galleries that cater to artists at your experience level.

  3. Seek Feedback and Critiques Galleries may offer critiques of your portfolio even if they are not ready to represent you yet. Be grateful for any input you receive as your relationship with the curator or gallery owner may prove valuable in the future. Always be respectful and kind when dealing with galleries since the art world is small and word travels fast.

Preparing Your Work for Gallery Applicationshow to get in art galleries

Galleries looking for new artists want work that is memorable, unique, and keeps buyers excited for your next show. Ensure your work is gallery-ready by considering the following questions:

  1. Does my work reflect a unique artistic perspective?
  2. Do I use interesting materials or techniques?
  3. Does my body of work look like it was created by the same artist?
  4. Would anyone want to display my work in their home?
  5. Would anyone pay to see my pieces in person?
  6. What is the inspiration behind my work?

Remember that galleries are in the business of making money, so be prepared to pay a commission on all sales. Most artists are fine with sharing 50% of the sale price of their pieces when represented by a gallery.

Engaging with the Art Community

how to get art in a gallery

To get your work noticed by galleries seeking new artists, you need to be active in the art community. Here are some strategies to consider:

  1. Attend Events at Art Galleries Before approaching galleries, attend as many art gallery openings and shows as you can. Introduce yourself to gallery owners and curators, and familiarize yourself with the local success stories. Connect with fellow artists and build relationships that could lead to referrals.

  2. Plan an Art Show Yourself Planning your own art show can expose more people, including curators and gallery owners, to your work. Consider including other artists to expand the reach of your show and draw fresh traffic.

  3. Create a Solid Online Presence Having an online art portfolio is essential for marketing yourself and submitting art to galleries. Use an online portfolio website platform like Format to create a professional website showcasing your work. Monetize your website and sell prints directly to build your brand and make some income while preparing art submissions for galleries.

Submitting Your Artwork to Galleries

how to get my art into a gallery

The art you include in your submissions is crucial. Curate your portfolio website to highlight your best work without being repetitive. Consider collaborating with other artists to expand and perfect your body of work.

Additionally, explore opportunities in virtual art galleries such as Naturalist Gallery of Contemporary Art. Thoroughly research your target galleries, document their submission guidelines and deadlines, and submit an application.

Applying to Naturalist Gallery can be particularly beneficial for artists aiming to showcase their work in an environment that celebrates contemporary artists. Naturalist Gallery specializes in promoting artwork from both established, and emerging artists through various artistic mediums. By exhibiting your artwork in this gallery, you have the opportunity to connect with an audience that appreciates and seeks out artwork. The gallery's curated exhibitions and events  provide a platform for your work to be seen by collectors and art enthusiasts. Collaborating with Naturalist Gallery can help you take the next steps of your art career while aligning your artistic vision with a one of the most prestigious, forward thinking contemporary art galleries.

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