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Exploring Market Trends: What Kind of Art Sells Best?

For artists who wish to earn income from their art, understanding market trends can be valuable:

Landscape, abstract, dog/wildlife, figure studies, and prints (especially limited editions) are popular. Smaller sizes and online platforms are preferred. Colors like red, white, blue, yellow, green, and black have appeal. Balancing artistic passion and market awareness is key.

While artistic expression should always be a priority, considering popular art themes, colors, and mediums can help artists connect with buyers and generate sales. This article delves into the types of art that sell best, including landscapes, abstracts, paintings of dogs and wildlife, figures and nudes, as well as the popularity of prints and the best sizes for selling paintings. We also explore where to buy art and touch on the intriguing topic of popular colors in paintings.

what art sells best

Top-Selling Art Themes:

While art should not be solely created for the purpose of selling, it is worth noting that certain themes have high demand in the market. Some of the top-selling art themes include:

  • Traditional landscapes
  • Local views
  • Modern or semi-abstract landscapes
  • Abstracts
  • Dogs
  • Figure studies (excluding nudes)
  • Seascapes, harbors, and beach scenes
  • Wildlife
  • Impressionistic landscapes
  • Nudes

Landscape Paintings:

Landscape paintings have universal appeal and are a natural choice when it comes to selling art. Depicting local scenery can tap into buyers' personal connections and nostalgic feelings, while beach scenes and seascapes evoke relaxation and vacation. The best-selling landscape types include:

  • Local scenery & Local scenes (views, landmarks, particular places)
  • Seascapes, Harbors, & Beach scenes
  • Modern & Semi-abstract landscapes

Abstract Paintings:

Abstract paintings are popular among art buyers due to their versatility in complementing various interior design styles. They allow viewers to interpret and assign personal meaning to the artwork. Abstract art's use of colors, textures, and shapes makes it an ideal choice for creating a cohesive look in homes. The freedom of interpretation and personal connection contributes to the popularity of abstract paintings.

Paintings of Dogs and Wildlife:

Paintings featuring dogs and wildlife evoke feelings of intimacy and connection. Dog breeds, in particular, have a strong following, and paintings of popular breeds can attract a dedicated canine fan club. Wildlife paintings often depict animals in wild and expansive settings, emphasizing their untamed nature.

Figures and Nudes:

Figures and nudes continue to draw interest from viewers, with the trend shifting towards clothed figures. Paintings featuring people create a sense of connection between the viewer and the subject, whether through portraits, abstract representations, or impressionistic studies.

Prints vs. Original Art:

In the art market, prints tend to sell more than original works due to their affordability. Limited-edition prints, produced in a controlled quantity and numbered for exclusivity, are highly sought after. Buyers can acquire somewhat original pieces of art that feel unique and special while being less expensive than original artworks.

Best Size for Selling Paintings:

Smaller paintings tend to sell better due to their lower price point, accessibility, and ability to fit in smaller spaces. However, selling larger paintings at a higher price point can be equally lucrative. Artists often paint in a variety of sizes to appeal to a wider audience and create themed or stylistically related collections.

Top-Selling Art Mediums:

what medium of art sells best

The top-selling art mediums include:

  • Offset-litho prints (limited edition)
  • Giclée prints
  • Open-edition offset-litho prints
  • Oil & Acrylic paintings
  • Watercolors
  • Artists' original prints (etchings and engravings)
  • Open-edition giclée prints

Where to Buy Art:

The art market has transformed, with traditional galleries shifting towards online platforms and mobile apps. Naturalist Gallery showcases a curated selection of international contemporary art featuring a blend of established and emerging artists to ensure a dynamic and engaging experience for visitors. Other online marketplaces like Etsy, DeviantArt, Jose Art Gallery, and Zazzle provide direct communication between artists and buyers, eliminating the need for intermediaries.

Popular Colors in Paintings:

what art sells best

While no conclusive research exists, anecdotal evidence suggests that red is highly desirable, followed by white, blue, yellow, green, and black. The Asian art market may influence the appeal and valuation of paintings featuring red. However, personal taste plays a significant role in the appreciation of colors in art.

Understanding market trends can help artists connect with buyers and generate sales without compromising their artistic expression. By considering popular art themes, exploring different mediums and sizes, and utilizing online platforms, artists can reach a wider audience and sell their work directly. While certain colors may hold appeal, personal taste remains a significant factor. By balancing artistic passion with market awareness, artists can navigate the art world while maintaining their unique creative vision.

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what type of art sells best

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