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"One day, a friend jokingly asked me what I was painting for. I answered immediately, what should I do if I don't paint! Now that I remember that short answer, I see a great truth behind it. I really could not do anything else. That is, I was suffering [of not doing it], and in the living expression of Sohrab Sepehri, (the great Iranian painter) 'suffering means being in love.' They do not ask the lover a reason for love. But the point that should not be left unsaid is that I have put 'honesty' at the top of my agenda in these ups and downs, and I believe that if I do so, I will never go astray."

Tarahom Salmani, born in 1962, is an accomplished artist with a strong passion for painting. In 1984, Tarahom entered the Art University of Tehran, specializing in the painting field. Tarahom graduated from the university's College of Campus under the supervision of professors such as Iraj Karim Khan Zand, Mohammad Ebrahim Jafari, Jafar Roohbakhsh, Javad Hamidi, Mehdi Hosseini, and Farshid Maleki.

Throughout his career, Tarahom has participated in several group exhibitions in Isfahan and Tehran, showcasing his talent and unique artistic style. Notably, Tarahom held a solo exhibition at Campus College, highlighting his creativity and artistic vision.

Continuing his path in academia, Tarahom presented his thesis titled "Visual Value of Women's Artwork in Moghan" under the guidance of Professor Mohammad Ebrahim Jafari. The thesis focused on examining and appreciating the visual arts produced by women in the context of Moghan, offering valuable insights into their artistic expression.

To sustain a livelihood, Tarahom found employment in the cultural department of a government office. During this time, he also ventured into the field of graphic arts, winning first place twice in designing off-screen elements and other projects at theater festivals. Tarahom also designed book covers for several volumes, showcasing his skillset in design.

Despite his professional commitments, Tarahom remained dedicated to his artistic pursuits. He participated in various group exhibitions in different cities, including notable showcases such as the Illustration Exhibition at the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art in 1991, the Selected Fifth Biennial Exhibition of "Iranian Contemporary Painting" at the same museum in 1999, the Selected Second Tehran Painting Symposium in 2014, the Selected Eighth Festival of Tehran Visual Arts in 2015, and the EuroExpo Art Fair in Italy in 2017.

In addition to his artistic endeavors, Tarahom engaged in collecting folk tales. He translated and published a book titled "Folk Tales of the People of the Republic of Azerbaijan" and another book titled "Folk Tales of the People of Asia" from Turkish to Azerbaijani. Tarahom also authored and photographed a book titled "Nazli Khanum," which was published.

Throughout his diverse engagements, painting has always remained Tarahom's primary focus, driving his artistic growth and creative expression.


Collection: Tarahom Salmani

Untitled, Tarahom Salmani, 2023, oil on canvas, 140 x 200 cm. / 55.1181 x 78.7402 in.