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Swiss-Chilean artist Oliver Staeuber (1980), who now lives in Bern, began his approach to the visual arts while studying architecture in 1999. Ten years later he moved from Chile to Switzerland, where he developed his career as an architect and his work as an artist. His art studio is located in Liebefeld (Bern, Switzerland), and his work is in private collections in Argentina, Chile, Spain and Switzerland. Oliver Staeuber, Art, Realism and Abstraction Staeuber's central inclination in painting is divided into two areas. On the one hand, in realism, and on the other - his more dominant style of painting - in abstract form. The painter believes that the combination of realism and abstraction is the true essence of the painting experience. The realism can be found in his works in natural landscapes and human representations. In addition, it should be remembered that every landscape has some contact or integration with water. It seems that water is the central attribute of Staeuber's paintings. Water was the subject of a nostalgic trauma when he lost his father, whose body was recovered from a lake. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder when looking at water from the painter's perspective. Hope is the name of the element he tries to curate from these artworks. The green natural landscapes increase the beauty factor in the paintings with the water. The painter uses different colors to bring the audience from realism to the abstract side. With the joy of colors, hope blooms beyond the limits, and this represents the ultimate message of the painter's abstract artworks. The abstract and the realistic are opposite poles. Yet, the combination of both can make things more aesthetically viable. Many painters follow a unique pattern. Staeuber, however, was different. He chose his style by fusing realism and abstract art forms to create his masterpieces. He uses a variety of techniques including oil, acrylic, spray, oil pastels and watercolor to explore light and color and how they interact to create moods. The artist describes his creative process as dynamic, moving between realism and abstraction, bringing his melancholic thoughts to the canvas. Oliver Staeuber and architectural precision in artworks Architects and painters have been a common battleground for the painter's desire to create masterpieces. Architectural works require gossamer precision to bring things to reality. The painter has successfully integrated the accuracy of architectural knowledge into his works. The result is that the audience rolls its eyes at the first sight of the artwork. 


Collection: Oliver Staeuber

Pacific Nr. 2, Oliver Staeuber, 2020, acrylic on canvas, 80 x 40 cm. / 31.4961 x 15.748 in. $500.00 USD