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Matt Lock is a self-taught illustrator and occasional painter, originally from Massachusetts but residing in close proximity to NYC since 2010. Most of his work consists of line drawings on small to medium colored paper. Drawings are often intricate in detail and depict post-apocalyptic alien futures or hidden alternate realities. Lock has been posting art on the Internet since 2006 and since that time has exhibited in various galleries worldwide. Additionally there have been several books and zines published featuring his work, both exclusively and alongside other artists. He maintains a rather distant presence from the art world, mostly on account of working a serious career-oriented job, and being somewhat of a pessimist hermit by nature. The majority of his work tends to reflect a morbid outlook, but it is often communicated in a humorous and exaggerated manner. Reoccurring visual elements include litter, androgyny, fungal infections, sweaty faces, imaginary uniforms and insignia, dystopian surveillance, and outdated unisex hairstyles.


Collection: Matt Lock

Watched From a World Within Wallpaper, Matt Lock, 2023, colored pencil on paper, 11.7 x 8.3 in. / 29.718 x 21.082 cm.