Burn Field 3 - Woolsey Fire, Joseph Kabriel, 2020, colored pencil, 20 x 32 in. / 50.8 x 81.28 cm.

Joseph Kabriel: Visions of Nature and Fire

Joseph Kabriel's artworks are compelling narratives expressed through the vibrant medium of colored pencils and graphite.

Joseph Kabriel is an artist who utilizes colored pencils and graphite to explore themes of nature, disaster, and regeneration, vividly capturing the beauty and ferocity of the natural world.

His pieces, such as "Burn Field 3 - Woolsey Fire," "The Rage," and "Red-Demsion," combine meticulous detail and rich color to explore themes of nature, destruction, and rebirth. Kabriel's ability to capture both the stark realities of natural disasters and the ephemeral beauty of fleeting moments speaks to his deep engagement with the environment and its transformative forces.

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Burn Field 3 - Woolsey Fire, Joseph Kabriel, 2020

Burn Field 3 - Woolsey Fire, Joseph Kabriel, 2020, colored pencil, 20 x 32 in. / 50.8 x 81.28 cm.

"Burn Field 3 - Woolsey Fire" is a poignant depiction of devastation and renewal following a wildfire. Kabriel uses colored pencils to masterfully render the scorched earth and the resilience of nature as it begins to reclaim the charred landscape. The contrast between the fiery background and the grey, lifeless foreground highlights the cyclical nature of destruction and regeneration. This piece is not only a reflection on the impact of wildfires but also a tribute to the resilience of nature.

The Rage, Joseph Kabriel, 2022

The Rage, Joseph Kabriel, 2022, colored pencil & graphite, 18 x 25 in. / 45.72 x 63.5 cm.

In "The Rage," Kabriel captures the tumultuous emotions associated with natural forces through a blend of colored pencils and graphite. The dynamic strokes and swirling patterns create a sense of movement and chaos, embodying the ferocity of a storm. This artwork explores the awe and fear that nature’s fury can inspire, serving as a visual metaphor for the internal and external tumults one might experience during times of crisis.

Red-Demsion, Joseph Kabriel, 2019

Red-Demsion, Joseph Kabriel, 2019, colored pencil, 30 x 36 in. / 91.44 x 76.2 cm.

"Red-Demsion" is a vivid exploration of color and reflection, depicting a serene landscape transformed by the setting sun. The use of intense reds and muted greys evokes a moment of quietude amid the daily cycle, reflecting on the peace and tranquility that can be found in nature. Kabriel’s attention to detail and his ability to infuse the scene with both warmth and melancholy illustrate his unique perspective on the natural world.

Joseph Kabriel’s art is a testament to the power of the natural world and its enduring influence on human emotion and perception. Through "Burn Field 3 - Woolsey Fire," "The Rage," and "Red-Demsion," Kabriel not only showcases his technical prowess but also invites viewers to reflect on the profound impacts of nature’s cycles and the beauty inherent in its transformations.

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