Kilkenny, Jeremy Hubball, 2023, acrylic on panel, 18 x 24 in. / 45.72 x 60.96 cm.

Jeremy Hubball’s Evocative Landscapes: Oil on Canvas

Featured image: Kilkenny, Jeremy Hubball, 2023, acrylic on panel, 18 x 24 in. / 45.72 x 60.96 cm.

Jeremy Hubball's oeuvre is a serene study of landscape and atmosphere, presented through oil on canvas and panel. His works possess a unique ability to capture both the form of the land and the mood it invokes, offering a visual dialogue between the earth and the skies. Hubball's paintings are more than just representations; they are emotive experiences.

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Untitled 2

Untitled 2, Jeremy Hubball, 2023, oil on panel, 18 x 24 in. / 45.72 x 60.96 cm.

"Untitled 2" is a fascinating exploration of form and color, where the traditional coastal landscape morphs into an otherworldly scene. Hubball's skill in blending surreal wonderland colors with morphed cliffs suggests an alternate reality just beyond the horizon. Measuring 18 x 24 inches, this oil on panel is a mesmerizing blend of the familiar and the fantastical, inviting observers to question what lies beyond the edge of perception.

Hampton Fields

Hampton Fields, Jeremy Hubball, 2022, oil on panel, 18 x 24 in. / 45.72 x 60.96 cm.

In "Hampton Fields," Hubball captures the simplicity and vastness of the agricultural landscape. The 18 x 24-inch oil on panel contrasts the broad, sweeping fields with the minute detail of distant buildings, evoking a sense of immense open space. The earthy tones of the fields are set against a pastel sky, suggesting the tranquil passing of time in the countryside.


Imminence, Jeremy Hubball, 2022, oil on canvas, 12 x 24 in. / 30.48 x 60.96 cm.

"Imminence" is a 12 x 24-inch oil on canvas that eloquently captures the brewing intensity of an approaching storm. The stark contrast between the dark, ominous sky and the sliver of golden light along the horizon conveys a moment of suspense, the calm before the storm. Hubball masterfully uses the canvas to elicit a visceral reaction, as the viewer is drawn into the impending transformation of the landscape.

Jeremy Hubball's landscapes transcend their natural beauty, becoming a canvas where light, space, and atmosphere coalesce to tell a story. His paintings are imbued with a sense of place and time, encouraging reflection on the interplay of human experience with the environment. Hubball’s work is not only a celebration of the physical world but also a tribute to the emotions it stirs within us.

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Untitled, Jeremy Hubball, 2022, oil on canvas, 24 x 18 in. / 60.96 x 45.72 cm.

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