Force of Nature, Denise Bohart Brown, 2022, kiln-formed glass, 16 x 33 in. / 40.64 x 83.82 cm.

Exploring Luminous Glass Sculptures by Denise Bohart Brown

Featured image: Force of Nature, Denise Bohart Brown, 2022, kiln-formed glass, 16 x 33 in. / 40.64 x 83.82 cm.

Denise Bohart Brown’s sculptures are a testament to the fluidity of glass and the mastery of kiln-forming techniques.

She is an artist celebrated for her kiln-formed glass sculptures, conveying movement and emotion through luminous, textured glass.

Through her work, Brown captures the ephemeral beauty of natural phenomena and the human experience, translating these into glass pieces that communicate depth, motion, and emotion. The dynamic interplay between light, glass, and space is a hallmark of her art, offering viewers a momentary glimpse into scenes both imagined and real.

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Underwater Currents: A Symphony of Oceanic Movement

Underwater Currents, Denise Bohart Brown, 2022, kiln-formed glass, 16 x 10 in. / 40.64 x 25.4 cm.

"Underwater Currents" captures the serenity and the sublime dance of oceanic tides. The piece is an elegant portrayal of the sea’s mysterious depths, with swirling blues and whites mimicking the natural ebb and flow of water. The clarity and precision with which Brown forms her glass medium give the impression of a snapshot of the sea, frozen in time yet brimming with life. The sculpture's seamless blending of color and texture conveys the soothing yet powerful presence of underwater realms.

Chasing the Sunset: Glass in Motion

Chasing the Sunset, Denise Bohart Brown, 2023, kiln-formed glass, 15 x 28 in. / 38.1 x 71.12 cm.

In "Chasing the Sunset," Brown encapsulates the dynamic beauty of equine figures against the backdrop of a setting sun. The vivid colors and the way the iridized glass pieces catch the light, suggest movement and freedom. The custom stand not only supports but also enhances the visual narrative of the piece, mimicking the shadows of horses galloping freely. Brown’s ability to suggest motion in a static medium is a testament to her skillful use of form and her understanding of light as an active participant in her sculptures.

Three Dancers: A Triptych of Emotion

Three Dancers: Honesty, Grace & Strength, Denise Bohart Brown, 2013, kiln-formed glass, 18 x 24 in. / 45.72 x 60.96 cm.

"Three Dancers: Honesty, Grace & Strength" is a powerful representation of the emotional impact of dance. Each glass panel embodies an attribute essential to the art of dance, creating a visual triptych that speaks to the viewer. The interplay of shadows and light across the textures of the glass evokes the fluidity and expressiveness of a dancer's body in motion. The sculptures stand as a metaphor for the core elements of dance, showcasing Brown’s profound respect for both the medium and the message.

Denise Bohart Brown’s glass sculptures are not just visual delights but narratives captured in glass. They reflect the beauty of natural elements and human passions, presenting them in a medium that is both delicate and formidable. Brown’s work stands as an invitation to explore the quieter, deeper facets of our existence and to find resonance in the reflections and refractions of light through glass.

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Inhalation, Denise Bohart Brown, 2023, kiln-formed glass, 45 x 16 in. / 114.3 x 40.64 cm.

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