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Art for Coastal Style Interiors

Here are some enhanced selections from the Naturalist Gallery that perfectly capture the essence of coastal style interiors.

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  1. Underwater Flora
    "Underwater Flora" by Ricky Beron
    - This fine art print beautifully captures the diversity and serenity of aquatic plant life beneath the ocean's surface, making it a perfect match for a coastal themed interior.
  2. Boat House
    "Boat House" by Kristopher Schoenleber
    - A photograph that showcases the solitude and peacefulness of a boat house by the water, reflecting quiet maritime life.
  3. Peace
    "Peace" by Harold Silvers
    - This photograph emphasizes the vastness and tranquility of the ocean, inviting viewers to a sense of calm ideal for a coastal setting.
  4. Panama City Beach Morning Cloud
    "Panama City Beach Morning Cloud" by Richard P. Stevens
    - Captures the serene early morning atmosphere at the beach, with clouds hovering above a calm sea, perfect for bringing a coastal vibe indoors.
  5. Finally Sea
    "Finally Sea" by Elizabeth Nook (2023)
    - This encaustic work, measuring 12 x 6 inches, reflects a meditative contemplation of the connection between earth and sea, ideal for adding a subtle yet profound coastal touch.
  6. Under the Sea
    "Under the Sea" by Michelle Gilmore (2021)
    - A large, vibrant acrylic painting, 36 x 36 inches, that delves into the colorful and dynamic underwater world, enhancing any room with its bold and immersive sea life depiction.
  7. Nautilus/Hoopoe
    "Nautilus/Hoopoe" by Catie Michel (2023)
    - This unique acrylic on birch panel artwork blends elements of marine life (Nautilus) and birdlife (Hoopoe), connecting themes of air and water in a vivid and dynamic composition.

These curated artworks not only adhere closely to coastal themes through their subject matter and style but also enhance the aesthetic of coastal style interiors by bringing elements of the natural and tranquil seaside environment into the living space.

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